Pressure Vacuum, Breather and Steam Valves

SPP Pumps lead in the repair and refurbishment of many different pump valve types including vacuum valves, also known as breather or steam valves.

We overhaul a large number of these types of valves, manufactured by companies such as Whessoe and Motherwell, to name a few. They’re largely produced for the brewing and chemical industries, in all materials from plastic, aluminium, to high-end stainless steel valves. All devices are fully tested on our combined pressure and vacuum test rig, with manometer gauging.

For nearly 150 years, SPP Pumps’ have built an excellent and renowned team, whose engineers specialise in valve service and refurbishment, including pressure relief valve repair, vacuum, boiler and steam. We are also the only approved company for the reparation of Descote High Integrity Valves, while adept in accommodating valves and their associated parts, no matter their type, brand or size. This can range from ½ an inch to 72 inches and we’re able to service cryogenic, chlorine duty, steam process, Hydrofluoric Acid (H.F.) and alkylation.

Breather and vacuum valves are essential for controlling atmospheric pressure and if they were to perform incorrectly, it could lead to disastrous consequences. This is why SPP is dedicated to providing the utmost in precision engineering while keeping regular communications within projects and any downtime to a minimum.

We have strategically placed service centres globally, to ensure we are accessible and prepared for our entire customer base, please look to find your nearest valve repair centre or contact our specialist team by using the various details below. Alternatively, you can fill out our simple contact form and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.

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