Pressure Vacuum, Breather and Steam Valves

Combined pressure relief / vacuum valves are a regular sight at our Hyde Service Centre of numerous manufactures Whessoe and Motherwell to name a few.

We overhaul a large number of this type of valve for the Brewing and chemical industry in all materials from plastic valves, aluminium valves to high end stainless steel valves, these valves are also fully tested on our combined pressure and vacuum test rig with manometer gauging for pressure and vacuum testing. 

Over the years, SPP Pumps has acquired an unrivalled reputation in the specialised field of valve repair and refurbishment. Our talented team of engineers provide high quality and professional precision engineered results from a comprehensive range of amenities inclusive of all types, sizes and makes of valves.

The sizes of valves we provide range from ½" to 72" and are all easily accommodated. SPP Pumps are able to service specials such as cryogenic, chlorine duty, steam process, Hydrofluoric Acid (H.F.) alkylation and pressure vacuum valves. In addition, SPP Pumps are also an approved repair company for Descote High Integrity Valves.

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