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SPP Transformer Oil Pumps

SPP Pumps have been producing transformer oil pumps for more than eighty years and life expectancy in many cases has exceeded forty years.

SPP Transformer Oil Pumps

SPP has been manufacturing transformer oil pumps for ninety years, providing decades of expertise in the transformer cooler industry. SPP has supplied thousands of transformer cooler pumps globally. In many cases, the life expectancy of SPP’s units have exceeded forty years of service life, verifying the dependability of our product.

Major recent investments have enabled SPP to focus on its proven transformer cooler products to offer the most effective solutions for oil circulation pumps in the power, distribution, locomotive and renewable energy transformer industries.

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Real-World Performance Testing on Warm Transformer Oil

on warm oil at 60°c

Pressure testing transformer oil pump cases using air and water is just the beginning. Every SPP transformer pump built is fully performance tested on 60 degree oil and then pressure tested, giving total quality assurance.

Each pump's performance is recorded and detailed on a certificate which is shipped with that unit. Customers are welcome to observe their pumps during performance testing. SPP can work to client specific type test needs. This includes vibration, temperature and noise testing.

Life cycle Support

Full range of support delivering quality and performance for continuous years of service

SPP Pumps offer a full range of support services for both fixed and traction transformer oil pumps. These services range from individual pump overhaul and test to full pump management programs covering entire fleet or field populations.

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SPP Pumps' transformer oil division has been awarded a grade A certificate for on-time delivery and quality from General Electric smart grid.


Pumping Solutions

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Many of the world's most iconic building structures and civil engineering projects depend on SPP's fire pump technology and expertise. From the tallest skyscrapers to the longest tunnels, over 500 staff, including 50 specialist engineers, ensure round-the-clock advice and support for critical pumping operations.

Our Transformer Oil Pump Solutions

Transformer Oil Sector Applications

  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Electric traction locomotve transformers

Transformer Oil Sector Pump Solutions

  • Traction
  • Inline
  • End Suction (Elbow)