SPP Water Pumps

Our high-performing industrial water pump solutions range from basic water supply, water/waste water treatment, desalination and high volume industrial processes to general pumping services for pump reliability and performance.

Industrial Centrifugal Water Pumps

SPP Pumps is a renowned water pump manufacturer providing an extensive range of centrifugal pumps, suitable for a variety of industrial water applications. Our proven quality and dedicated expertise is demonstrated through our reliable and efficient water management and movement applications. From end-suction DIN24255 (EN 733:1995) through to customer engineered vertical turbine pumps and multi-stage/multi-outlet pumps we have reliable and well-proven products to offer.

Submersible Pump Solutions

SPP Pumps are the official UK & Ireland distribution and service provider for Pleuger Industries GmbH range of submersible pumps for the water, general industry, and mining markets. Pleuger Industries are a historic manufacturer with an outstanding reputation for their high-quality submersible pumps. The high standards set by Pleuger Industry align with the high standards SPP demand of our own products. Pleuger industries offer a comprehensive portfolio of submersible borehole pumps available in a wide variety of materials, as well as a range of different designs and engineered solutions to suit almost any submersible application.

Waste Water Pump Management

SPP Pumps can deliver a high-quality pumping solution to suit your industrial wastewater environment needs. In challenging surroundings where quality matters, a waste water pump from a leading centrifugal pump manufacturer can deliver robust and trusted engineered results for your business.

This vast range of pumps and associated systems available from SPP Pumps come in different materials, with bespoke features, designed for the specific environment. Our powerful Autoprime range includes systems with extensive solids-handling capabilities which can carry out ‘sewer overpumping’, preventing contamination in the case of leakages, power failures and other associated issues. Please click on the various pump links below to view the series of waste water pumps available. 

Water Pump Life Costs

SPP Pumps continuously evaluate the whole-life costs of our pumping schemes which have led to the development of our lowest life-cycle cost series of pumps yet. Ownership of these twenty-first-century pump systems means an overall annual saving, while end-users continue to receive supreme pumping solutions. 

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Pumping Solutions

real world applications

With a dedicated Energy division SPP Pumps specialist Engineering Team draws on over a century of experience, solving demanding fluid handling challenges, for diverse applications the world over.

Lowest Life-Cycle Cost Range

engineered to save

Lowest Life-Cycle Cost Series

SPP Pumps recognition of the increasing emphasis on life cycle costing when evaluating pumping schemes for the twenty first century has lead to the development of our Lowest Life-Cycle Cost Series of pumps. The concept behind this series is to provide the end user with pumping solutions offering the lowest total cost of ownership.

Incorporating split case and vertical suspended bowl designs, this world class series of pumps has been developed from many of our existing well proven hydraulics. These have been finely tuned with the aid of computational fluid dynamics, with enhanced mechanical designs and innovative features. Standard materials of construction have been substantially upgraded to increase component life and reduce efficiency degradation.

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Lowest Life-Cycle Cost Series
Concept and development
Concept and development

Life Cycle Costs

In response to the ever increasing cost of energy, life-cycle cost analysis (LCC) is fast becoming the accepted method of evaluation for both capital projects and replacement plant. Various LCC models are available to pump users where capital, energy, maintenance and efficiency degradation costs are assessed to determine the pumps life-cycle cost. These models enable the user to make an informed decision based on the true cost of ownership, not just capital cost.

Reducing energy consumption through the selection of the most efficient pump has the added benefit of reducing CO2 emissions. Not only does this have environmental benefits, but can assist in reducing emission levies imposed on some high energy users.

Initial capital cost is in most instances a fraction of the whole life cost of a typical pumping installation. Energy, unplanned downtime with resultant loss of productivity and replacement of lower life expectancy consumable parts such as seals and bearings equates to as much as 80-90% of total life-cycle cost.

Pumps as Turbines

Hydro-electric power production

Small hydro-electric power production provides a convenient, cost-effective source of renewable energy. SPP Pumps has extensive experience of designing and delivering highly efficient Pump as Turbine (PaT) solutions capable of rapid return on investment. The pressure differential (head) of a water flow provides the opportunity to recover energy in the process. A Pump as Turbine can be used to generate electricity that is fed back into the national grid network, directed for local supply, or even used directly to drive additional rotating equipment. With many years of advanced turbine engineering experience, SPP Pumps offers field-proven, affordable, low maintenance products based on simple, readily-available components and spares.

Condition Monitoring

In order to minimise the ownership costs of capital equipment, it is critical for the user to monitor and maintain the water pump equipment once installed. Failure to do so will impact both on the mechanical integrity and economic performance of the pump system installed.

Diagnosis of Potential Pump Equipment Failure

Early diagnosis of potential industrial water pump equipment failure can result in considerable repair cost savings and crucially a reduction in unplanned downtime. Monitoring of pump energy consumption and system efficiency will bring visibility to pump wear, operating efficiency and highlight any system irregularities, all of which will help the user minimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

The SPP condition monitoring water pump systems can provide this level of security by detecting, analysing and evaluating key equipment performance:


Performance/Efficiency degradation Driver alignment condition
Bearing vibration levels Residual unbalance
Bearing operating temperatures Cavitation
Driver alignment condition

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Condition Monitoring

Our Water Pump Solutions

Water Sector Applications

  • Water treatment
  • Potable water supply
  • Sewage lift and transfer
  • Package wastewater pumping systems
  • Turbines for power generation
  • Flood prevention

Water Sector Pump Solutions

  • Lowest Life-cycle Cost split case pumps
  • Lowest Life-cycle Cost vertical turbines
  • End suction pumps
  • Sewage pumps
  • Diverters
  • Waste water/storm pumps
  • Pumps as Turbines (for power generation)
  • Multistage pumps
  • Dewatering electric pumps
  • Packaged booster sets

UK and European compliance

  • WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme)
  • DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate)
  • ACS (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire)
  • EuP (Energy Using Products)

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