Descote Valves

SPP are the only UK valve repairer approved to overhaul / service and repair Descote valves.

Our Descote valves are designed for some of the most hazardous applications with advanced bellows seal globe valve technology due to these valves being generally used on liquid or gas chlorine, phosgene, hydrofluoric acid.

A large number of spares are currently held in stock at our Hyde Service Centre ensuring customer downtime is kept to a minimum. We also hold many new manual valves that can be quickly dispatched if an emergency arises.

Due to our unrivalled reputation and more than 145 years of experience, we are the only fully approved UK company to install and maintain Descote valves. When working within the chemical or nuclear industry, safety is the most important factor, therefore our expert engineers are primed and equipped to complete all valve repairs efficiently and meticulously.

The sizes of valves we provide range from ½" to 72" and are all easily accommodated. SPP Pumps are able to service specials such as cryogenic, chlorine duty, steam process, Hydrofluoric Acid (H.F.) alkylation and pressure vacuum valves.

What is Bellows Sealed Valve Technology?

Bellows sealed valves are primarily used in conjunction with hazardous materials because they are considered to be highly reliable, with no-leakage properties. To prevent harmful chemicals being released into the atmosphere, these types of valves require a welded, secure seal.

SPP Pumps’ principal role is to ensure these valves are continuously working properly and are up to code. Our specialised engineers have the training and knowledge to help support our customers, making sure that all devices are being used correctly.

To find out more about Descote valves and the advanced bellows sealed technology, please get in touch with our specialised team by filling out an enquiry form. Alternatively, you can also give us a call or email us using the details below and an expert team member will be glad to help.

Enquire about Descote Valves

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