Special Environmental conditions

Limiting noise pump enclosures

Where ambient noise levels are of concern, SPP Pumps can supply acoustic enclosures to reduce equipment noise to acceptable levels. Enclosures can be designed to cover all or part of a package dependent upon the specific requirements of the installation/site. Enclosures and complete modules can also be supplied AO or A60 fire rated and H60 or H120 hydrocarbon fire rated.

Reducing risk in hazardous areas

If the pump packages are required to operate in an environment where hazardous gases may be present, SPP Pumps are able to supply equipment to meet the designated area classification (ATEX, NEC 500/505, IEC/CENELEC).

Easing installation through packaged skids

For projects where environmental conditions or location dictate that minimal on-site installation works are preferred, SPP Pumps are able to offer fully packaged skids or pump houses incorporating multiple pump sets.

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