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Save up to 30% of pump
system running costs. 

SPP Energy

SPP Energy specialise in energy saving services to pumping systems.

Pumping money back into your business

SPP Energy specialise in energy saving services to pumping systems. Focusing SPP’s considerable experience of pump design and operation together with our knowledge of Life Cycle service support & on-site pumps system assessment, enables us to provide advice and recommendations for improving pump system efficiency for existing and planned pump systems.

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The Energy Challenge

By using proven system assessment techniques, SPP Energy offers a complete energy saving solution.

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SPP Energy Services

SPP Pumps offers a wide range of services to help you maximise performance and efficiency of your pumps. 

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SPP Energy Audit

Learn how the energy audit works, the steps and processes involved and arrange an audit.

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Energy Saving Calculator

Use our simple Savings Calculator to asses the annual savings you could make. We have based the results on a minimum of 10% cost saving over the year, but actual savings could realistically be in excess of 20%.


*NB: This figure can be adjusted to accomodate cost at peak times which can be considerably more

**NB: Power absorbed in kW x Cost per Electrical Unit. One Electrical Unit is 1 Kw absorbed for 1 hour(Kwh) Typically this will be £0.08p. Pumps are typically fitted with a motor that is larger than required. This is to ensure that there is a safety margin to prevent the motor from overloading. We should state that if the actual power absorbed is not known that we will assume a safety margin of 10%. This means that if an actual power absorbed figure is not entered that we will take the kW rating of the motor and x 0.90. this will give us the assumed power absorbed figure of 90% of the motor kW rating.