Collectively we have produced pumps for some of the world's most challenging and prestigious projects. We own and control our own in-house foundries and have a group legacy in material technology which is unrivalled, historically developing alloys for some of the most corrosive and arduous pumping applications. Our installed base of high integrity pumps have successfully handled seawaters and brines for many decades on some of the world's most critical installations both offshore and within tough process plant environments.

Our experience and expertise in producing pumps in Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel spans many decades. 

The number and nature of world class business partners who have chosen to put their faith in our pumping solutions and material expertise is a source of great pride to us and we strive daily to meet new and exciting challenges.

Our comprehensive product offering ensures we can offer efficiency, totally reliable pumping solutions for both membrane and thermal desalination processes: Sea Water Reverse Osmosis, Multi-stage Flash & Multi-Effect Desalination.