1875 - 1878

Founded in 1875, a British Engineer bought the patent rights of the Pulsometer Pump from an American, Thomas Hall. "The Pulsometer Engineering Company Ltd" was born. From this came the birth of the Company as it is known today.


The Company moved from London to new premises in Reading, UK and expanded rapidly.


Pulsometer Engineering joined Sigmund Pumps of Gateshead making one of the largest pump companies in Europe, known as Sigmund Pulsometer Pumps, SPP for short.


SPP acquired Henry Sykes plc adding the famous 'Sykes' pumps to its range. The Sykes facility was completely redeveloped and in 1987 all manufacturing was moved to Coleford, in the West of England, where it is today.


After a brief period of ownership by the Braithewaite Group, SPP was acquired by the TBG group in 1989 as part of Sterling Fluid Systems.

2003 - Present

SPP is now a truly global company with the main R&D, manufacturing and test facilities centrally located in the UK and local sales, production, test and service sites in the USA, India, France, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Singapore, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


With a heritage to be proud of and extensive application experience and engineering skills, SPP will continue to maintain its reputation for quality and value ensuring that all market and customer needs are met.

SPP continues to evolve.