The Energy Challenge

By using proven system assessment techniques, SPP Energy offers a complete energy saving solution.

Our pumps are designed to save as much energy as possible

Did you know?

Pumping systems account for approximately 10% of the EU total annual electrical power consumed (BPMA Data).
Pumps account for over 30% of the UK total industrial power consumption.
Over 11 million motors with a total capacity of 90 GW are installed in UK industry.
For every 100kW generated for a pumping system 90.5% is lost through inefficiency (Source:

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Savings through Innovation

By using proven system assessment techniques, SPP Energy offers a complete energy saving solution that can be applied equally for new and existing pumping systems installations.

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Charts showing financial and environmental benefits of increased efficiency

ANSI pump curve sensitivity for pump reliability

Improving Pump System Efficiency

Pump systems in general, and large continuous pumping installations in particular, are heavy users of energy. They are generally oversized and operating far from their best efficiency points, with poor pump intake conditions and inefficient running regimes all wasting considerable amounts of energy.

The SPP proposition is simple; we will undertake site audits of your complete pump system with the aim of saving you money. A detailed report will make recommendations for corrective action, showing kW/h saving, payback time and CO2e reduction. A Pump System Assessment Programme is ongoing and should form part of your Energy Management Programme.

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