Pump Performance Testing

On-site pump performance testing can often provide valuable information regarding the actual point that the pump is operating at on its Q.H. Curve (head vs flow). Pumps are normally tested by the OEM against a client issued specification. This specification is often modelled or calculated rather than being an actual measurement of the installation system curve. On-site testing offers an early opportunity of establishing any discrepancies between the specification as issued to the pump OEM, and the actual characteristics of the system as constructed.

On-site fixed installation, condition monitoring packages are not always set up to measure actual pump performance; they tend to concentrate on the machine's mechanical condition and deterioration, rather than "is the pump operating at B.E.P.", or "is it in hydraulic distress"? SPP Energy offer on-site performance testing using conventional measuring techniques. Flow is measured with ultrasonic flow meters with readings being taken from site-installed flow meters where available and where relevant. Power measurement is recorded using a power analyser. Results can be compared with original OEM specifications for the pump and system.

Factory tests conducted during pump overhaul and/or upgrade, can provide further confirmation of the actual pump performance and highlight any discrepancies. Fixed installation packages are available. Contact us for a quotation.

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