Condition Monitoring

Pump Condition Monitoring


In order to minimise the ownership costs of capital equipment, it is critical for the user to monitor and maintain the equipment once installed. Failure to do so will impact both on the mechanical integrity and economic performance of the installed equipment.

Diagnosis of potential equipment failure

Early diagnosis of potential equipment failure can result in considerable repair cost savings and crucially a reduction in unplanned downtime. Monitoring of pump energy consumption and system efficiency, will bring visibility to pump wear, operating efficiency and highlight any system irregularities, all of which will help the user minimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

The SPP Pumps condition monitoring systems can provide this level of security by detecting, analysing and evaluating key equipment performance.


  • Performance/Efficiency degradation
  • Bearing vibration levels
  • Bearing element damage
  • Bearing operating temperatures
  • Driver alignment condition
  • Residual unbalance
  • Cavitation