Vertical Lineshaft Pumps


SPP Pumps vertical lineshaft pumps are custom engineered single or multi-stage vertical turbines designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Driven by surface mounted electric or diesel drivers they can be supplied up to 100 metres in overall length.

Exceptional Choice Within the Range

SPP Pumps vertical pumps are installed on both offshore and onshore installations. The exceptionally wide choice of detail design and drive arrangements available within the range enable SPP to provide efficient and economic solutions to a wide variety of oil industry applications.

SPP Pumps vertical pumps can handle fresh water or sea water for cooling purposes, fire protection duties, general water supply, washdown or drill water. They can also be used for handling crude oil or controlling spillages. For platform or jetty locations they can be provided with a below-deck discharge if required.

Typical Applications

  • Main fire pump
  • Firewater jockey pump
  • Cargo handling
  • Seawater intake
  • Seawater lift
  • Cooling water
  • Utilities